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Sydney Drink Driving Facts

What is sydney drink driving?

Drink driving, also known as DUI, happens when someone is in the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle and drives or attempts to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol above the allowed BAC (Blood alcohol concentration) for that licence holders PCA (prescribed concentration of alcohol).

The amount of alcohol in the blood stream, known as the Blood Alcohol Level can generally not exceed .05% alcohol in the body. This may be different if you are a learner driver, a provisional driver (‘P-plater’) or in charge of a large motor vehicle, like a truck where the legal limit may be nil.

It is important to remember that drink driving legislation varies between States and Territories. This means that the drink driving penalties and laws may differ outside NSW. Sydney Drink Driving Defence lawyers specialise in defending DUI’s in NSW.

In order to receive the minimum penalty it is imperative that you are completely honest with the drink driving experts handling your case. The Drink Driving Defence Sydney team have handled countless cases resulting in a minimum sentence, with proven methods and approaches.

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