Sydney Drug Lawyers

Sydney drug lawyers are typically experienced and well informed about drug offences as it is an area of law that requires ongoing attention to the changes in substances and laws that come with the territory. Drug offences in NSW are treated by the courts with a high degree of seriousness. In Australia all major recreational READ MORE

Traffic Lawyer Sydney

Traffic Lawyer Sydney On average in Australia there are three or four deaths per day due to traffic accidents. In 2015 the total number of road fatalities was 1,209. We start this article with these difficult statistics because every traffic lawyer Sydney has working today knows that so many of these individual tragedies could have READ MORE

Drink Drive Solicitor Sydney

Drink Drive Solicitor Sydney  Our Drink Drive Solicitor Sydney  have a very high positive result rate defending drink drive traffic offences in Sydney. For a free consultation to discuss legal representation for a drink drive offence, call our Drink Drive Solicitor Sydney on 1300 123 065   We can advise you 24 hours 7 days READ MORE

Drink driving lawyers Sydney: NSW man banned from driving until 2153

A serial habitual DUI offenders in NSW was guilty and convicted with DUI receiving, not just two years but he is disqualified from driving until 2153. This is one of those rare cases that drink driving lawyers Sydney ever encountered. David John Browne, 61 years old, is a retired bus driver of New Castle. With READ MORE

Sydney Lawyer

A Sydney lawyer is a person who practices law, as either a barrister or solicitor within the City of Sydney. Working as a Sydney lawyer involves the practical application of legal theory and understanding to solve specific problems for a person or persons. It’s probably not a good day if you are having to pick READ MORE

Major Drink Driving Statistics by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney

Statistics by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney The hard facts about drinking and driving in Australia are revealed by Statistics by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney with a close look into drink driving statistics. Looking at some of the facts around gender, age, time of incidents etc makes it quite apparent how serious and predictable many elements READ MORE

Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney tally which is more dangerous DUI or Text Driving

Car accidents are quite common nowadays. It can be because of drink driving or with texting. And with smartphones becoming part of our lives, we have to face the real question. Which one is more dangerous, drinking driving or texting while driving? Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney will honestly tell you that both should never be READ MORE

Can DUI lawyers Sydney save your money?

Most common issues by people charged with DUI are first-time offenders. It’s likely that to avoid any expenses, they will just plead guilty. No drink driving lawyer Sydney will let you do that if you have one defending and guide you through the process. But the next concern is money. Are you really saving more READ MORE

DUI lawyer Sydney Advice: Don’t Plead Guilty

Drunk driving cases are common in Sydney. It’s fairly common to find someone convicted with DUI but why are they convicted? Because they plead guilty with their DUI charge. All DUI lawyer Sydney will advise you never to do that. Pleading guilty means you are convicted. Despite saying that you’re not, you are in legal READ MORE

Why Drink Driving Solicitors to Assist you with DUI

If you’ve been charged with drink driving under DUI or “drinking under the influence” then asking help will have crossed your mind. However, should you just plead guilty or ask help from a lawyer or drink driving solicitors ? What is the best decision?   First, thing you need to know that DUI punishments are READ MORE