Drink Drive Solicitor Sydney

Drink Drive Solicitor Sydney 

Our Drink Drive Solicitor Sydney  have a very high positive result rate defending drink drive traffic offences in Sydney. For a free consultation to discuss legal representation for a drink drive offence, call our Drink Drive Solicitor Sydney on 1300 123 065



We can advise you 24 hours 7 days a week. We are ready to provide legal representation for any drink driving offence anywhere in New South Wales.


In the event of being in a drink driving situation it is necessary and certainly advised, that you find expert legal advice and representation immediately. Doing so may well save your driving licence.


For an effective drink driving defence it really helps if you contact a drink drive solicitor Sydney as soon as possible, at the time of, or as soon as possible after the event has taken place. It’s easier for them to build a defence if they have more information and the time factor can be critical to that.


It can be difficult in the emotion of events to remember all the details. That is why it is a good idea to contact a drink drive solicitor Sydney as soon as you can while the memories are at their easiest to recall. The law around procedures for arrest and for taking evidential specimens from breath, blood or urine are specific. If there is even a small detail that is not complied with then there may be something to start a solid defence against a drink driving conviction.


A drink driving offence is a criminal offence. If you have been caught drinking and driving then there is every reason for you to be convicted. However if you have a clean or reasonable driving record with no previous cases of drink driving then there are things that can be done to improve your outcome. For example if there is no charge based on a high range PCA (Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol) and there are no aggravating factors to the offence then it is possible to achieve a conviction without penalty (aka as section 10) if you have the right qualified Drink Drive Solicitor in Sydney.



Drink and Drug Driving Offences

Have you been stopped by the police? Were you unable to provide a specimen? Were you charged anyway? You could be facing a driving ban of a year or more. This is exactly when you need to take legal advice from one of our Drink Drive Solicitors Sydney. One of the things to consider is the procedure by which any samples were taken. If this is not correctly carried out or if you perhaps have a reasonable excuse for being unable to provide a specimen then a good drink drive solicitor will have several defences that they may employ to secure a better outcome for you.


Drink Driving Offence – Being Drunk in Charge

If you are not actually in the vehicle at the time of your arrest then you may also have a defendable situation. Drunk in charge is usually charged in circumstances where the police cannot prove you were actually driving. Getting yourself legal advice is essential and urgent. There is every chance that the police and the prosecution could only have a weak case against you. You could face a driving disqualification of 12 months for more.


Drink Driving – Special Reasons

There is no doubt in most peoples minds that some drink driving offences may seem unfair.For example if someone were to spikeor lace your drinks and you were unaware of it.

There are certain circumstances where our lawyers can apply to the Court to request a reduction in the standard driving ban. There are simply quite a few variables and you need a professional who has experience in the drink drive world.


Drug Driving Offence – Driving Whilst Unfit

Like Drink Driving offences, Drug Driving offences must be proven by the authorities. Any alleged impairment may be due to drink or it may be due to illegal drugs orindeed legal medication. A good Drink Drive Solicitor will be able to find when a ban may be totally unfair.


Our Drug Driving Solicitors can provide advice as well as gather evidence for your defence. Even when you may feel there is little or no defence then you should reach out to an experienced drink drive solicitor Sydney as they may possibly save your driving licence.

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