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Looking for a good Drink Driving Lawyer in Sydney?

If you require the services of a quality Drink Driving lawyer in Sydney and don’t want to pay a fortune than the fixed fee legal representation service from Drink Driving Defence Sydney may be just what you are looking for. Pay only $990+GST this includes 1/2 price Traffic Offenders Intervention program usually $150 and up to 2 court appearances! plus telephone consultations and advice when you need it.

There are a number of reasons why you may need a professional Drink Driving Lawyer and this does not necessarily mean that you are a binge drinker, a danger or a menace to society.

Drink Driving Lawyer Sydney
Out for dinner – 1 glass of wine too many can land you in trouble

Many of our clients have thought they were under the legal drink driving limit due to the amount of time passed since they were drinking.

You may need a Drink driving lawyer as you were not aware of the strength of the drinks you consumed if you did not pour them yourself.

Different people with varying metabolism will process alcohol at different rates and these differ depending on if you are male or female, your body weight, fitness, diet and other lifestyle factors.

Some customers of Drink Driving Defence Sydney having been out for a quiet dinner enjoying a glass of wine and felt fine to dive but were just over

the limit.

We have even represented Sydney drivers who been pulled over the next morning after a night out having slept and still returned positive reading and have subsequently required the services of a Drink Driving Lawyer.

Whatever the circumstances of your need for professional Legal Advice, at Drink Driving Defence Sydney we understand that mistakes happen and we are here to help you arrive the the best possible outcome to allow you to get back driving and carry on with your life as painlessly as possible.

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