Drink driving lawyers Sydney: NSW man banned from driving until 2153

A serial habitual DUI offenders in NSW was guilty and convicted with DUI receiving, not just two years but he is disqualified from driving until 2153. This is one of those rare cases that drink driving lawyers Sydney ever encountered.

David John Browne, 61 years old, is a retired bus driver of New Castle. With his skilled Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney, he was able to escape the 12-month jail term after receiving a suspended sentence in Newcastle Local Court for driving while disqualified.

Newcastle Highway Patrol officers were conducting random breath test when they caught him driving last June 16 at about 6pm.

drink driving lawyers Sydney
drink driving lawyers Sydney

He admitted that he doesn’t own any licences but instead showed a proof-of-age card.  Police checked it and found that he’d been disqualified from driving until 2149.

That record doesn’t even included the extra two-year disqualification he’d been handed in Newcastle Local Court the week before for another driving while disqualified charge.

Despite all that, he is just glad that he’s able to avoid going to jail.

‘‘I am very, very grateful that the judge saw it that way,’’ he said.

His defense was he had to drive the car on June 16 because his son was urgently required at work.

‘‘It was a case of necessity. I had a son who needed to get to work and the car was there.’’ He admitted that there was some ‘‘stupidity’’ involved.

Medical records show that he is partially blind in one eye due to six strokes and will never attempt to drive a vehicle again.

drink driving lawyers Sydney
drink driving lawyers Sydney

‘‘The car’s in the top of the back yard. It’s going to my son who is about to go for his test.’’

The only time that he was caught driving while being disqualified three times was when he was involved in a 22-day stint behind the wheel as the driver of a bus ferrying kids. And this only happened because he has no knowledge of the disqualification and failed to receive the notice because he moved.

He was also declared a habitual offender, with 100 years added to his disqualification period, pushing his non-driving days out to 2149. Then he was caught driving on March 28 this year, for which he was given a 50-hour community service order and a further two-year disqualification, to 2151. And recently added another two years for his latest charges making it until 2153.


With this case, most of this canbe avoided if your drink driving lawyers Sydney has informed you about the disqualification. Nevertheless, make sure to contact DUI lawyers when you need them.

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