Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney tally which is more dangerous DUI or Text Driving

Car accidents are quite common nowadays. It can be because of drink driving or with texting. And with smartphones becoming part of our lives, we have to face the real question. Which one is more dangerous, drinking driving or texting while driving? Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney will honestly tell you that both should never be done and both of them are equally dangerous.

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In a study done by University of Utah psychologists, it revealed that distraction results are very similar with DUI and text driving and getting worse. During the test, 40 participants were asked to us a smartphone while driving. Only 9 percent was seen to drive “slightly slower” to hit the brakes while 24 percent showed variation in the following distance as their attention switched between driving. And 19 percent of participants showed that they are slower to resume normal speed after braking that increases the chances of crashing. Moreover, three participants actually rear-ended the pace car during the experiment. Surprisingly, none of them were drunk, simply using their cellphone while driving.


It was also presented by Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney that drunk drivers are no better. They drive as slowly as distracted drivers. They also tend to follow the pace of the car in front of them that causes a collision because they’ll hit their brakes four seconds late. “Neither accident rates, nor reaction times to vehicles braking in front of the participant, nor recovery of lost speed following braking, differed significantly from undistracted drivers.” Participants had a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08 percent.


Either DUI or texting while driving is two habits that should be avoided in order to prevent collisions. If you find yourself in a tight situation with your DUI case, you can always ask assistance from DUI lawyers Sydney.