Major Drink Driving Statistics by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney

Statistics by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney

The hard facts about drinking and driving in Australia are revealed by Statistics by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney with a close look into drink driving statistics. Looking at some of the facts around gender, age, time of incidents etc makes it quite apparent how serious and predictable many elements of drink driving statistics actually are.

The overwhelming majority of drivers know about the dangers of drink driving and yet drink driving offences are all too common.

Looking at drink driving statistics in some detail sheds light on just how dangerous drink driving is and how it should never be taken lightly.

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Drink Driving Stats by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney


3.4 MILLION – the number of random breath tests conducted by Police in NSW in 2015

90% of drink drivers involved in fatal accidents are male

90% of drink driving related accidents occurs in rural areas

33% of all drink drivers involved in fatal accidents are aged between 17-24

30% of drink driving fatalities take place between 9pm and 3am on Thurs, Fri or Sat nights

27% of all fatal crashes in rural areas involve drink driving

25% of drink drivers in fatal crashes are aged between 30-39

18-20% of all fatal accidents in NSW include drink driving as a factor

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Out for dinner – 1 glass of wine too many can land you in trouble

There is no question that the more you drink the greater your risk of having an accident. The only way not to become a drink driving statistic is to not drink and drive. Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney have shown that any amount of blood alcohol level will increase your risk of an accident. Even at the national 0.05 BAC level you are doubling your risk.

Is there a safe amount of alcohol to have if you are intending to drive?

No. There is no safe Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level.



Drink Driving Facts to seriously consider by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney




0.05 BAC doubles your risk of having an accident.

0.08 BAC makes you 7 times more likely to be involved in an accident

0.15 BAC makes you 25 times more likely to be involved in an accident.



There are many myths around safe levels of blood alcohol that range from theories around eating fatty food to absorb the effects to drinking black coffee to flushing out the alcohol with exercise. There is however no evidence to support these myths. The truth is that for up to two hours after you stop drinking your blood alcohol level can continue to rise and no amount of coffee; bacon and eggs, jogging or even sleep will reduce your BAC levels.

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Having your driving license suspended can have major consequences on your life. Penalties vary depending on your prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA), whether this is your first offence and various other factors surrounding your drink driving offence. Penalties can be severe. A conviction may include the suspension and disqualification of your driving licence, heavy fines and even Jail time.


You should enlist the help of a specialist drink driving lawyer if you find yourself going to court for a drink driving offence. A good drink driving lawyer can help navigate a way through the complexities of the legal system and help you achieve the best possible outcome.


The simple facts are that the more you drink, the more likely you will have an accident and there is no safe level of blood alcohol. So don’t drink and drive Ever.