Driving Suspended / Disqualified Penalties

Driving Suspended or Disqualified

First time offenders can receive up to four months imprisonment and second time offenders face a maximum of two years. Typically driving whilst disqualified is considered more serious and will be dealt with as such by the Magistrate. Contacting a suspended license lawyer from Drink Driving Defence Sydney can help with your case.

It is however unlikely that a first time offender will receive a term of imprisonment, and on most occasions, discretion will be exercised by the Magistrate to impose an additional suspension or disqualification, together with a fine.


Driving Unlicensed

There is no mandatory minimum period that an offender must be taken off the road in relation to an unlicensed driving charge, but it is instead at the discretion of the Magistrate.

The maximum penalties however are quite significant, including between 1 and 4 months jail in some circumstances.


It should be noted that repeat offenders of the above charges are dealt with extremely seriously and even second time offenders have seen a sentence of imprisonment. If you have been charged with any of the above offences, it is imperative that you call a suspended license lawyer ASAP to discuss your case.