DUI lawyer Sydney Advice: Don’t Plead Guilty

Drunk driving cases are common in Sydney. It’s fairly common to find someone convicted with DUI but why are they convicted? Because they plead guilty with their DUI charge. All DUI lawyer Sydney will advise you never to do that. Pleading guilty means you are convicted. Despite saying that you’re not, you are in legal papers. However, most people think that DUI charge are just simple things.

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Drink driving lawyers Sydney are specialised lawyers that assist with DUI cases and they will tell you to never plead guilty unless very necessary. But what determines whether you are convicted or maybe you can argue your way out.


BAC is you blood alcohol content (BAC). Anytime your BAC is over .08, you will likely be convicted of a DUI. But the closer it is to .08, the more room there is for argument. If your BAC was closer to .11, your chance of conviction is almost certain and if your BAC was closer to .20, you will be convicted. If there are any evidence that you are highly intoxicated and driving testified by either a police officer or a witness, then you are likely to be convicted.

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So when do you plead?

AT any circumstances, DUI lawyer Sydney will suggest to never plead guilty unless necessary. Why? Because you can always plead guilty anytime during the trial. And if you manage to get a plea bargain then it’s finished then and there, as long it’s a favorable verdict.


After pleading guilty, you will be handed a form by the bailiff (or your lawyer if you have one) on which you waive all of your constitutional rights in this case—such as your right to remain silent, your right to cross-examine witnesses, and the right to a jury trial. The process is still a bit long but they will mention

what possible punishment you will face. This form is to inform you the consequences of you action if again you decide to drink drive then, heavier consequences will happen.

NSW Drink Driving Penalties


Yes, conviction. Once you pleaded guilty whether you are out again and driving a few days, you are convicted in the eyes of the law. Most people don’t understand this and try to take the easy way out. Having drink driving lawyers Sydney to help you

will let you understand the process better and avoid you from getting convicted as much as possible.