Fees And Payment Plans

DUI Lawyers Fees

Our fees are structured on a fixed-fee basis, calculated according to what plea you will be proceeding with, and the severity of the matter (e.g. how much additional preparation and research will be required because of complexities that come with more severe / repeat offences).

All fees are available to be paid using a payment plan suitable to you and your own personal situation.

Guilty Pleas

  • Guilty pleas start from $1,850 + GST for first time offenders (and second time low-range offences where no further additional work is required)
  • Second time offences or more complex cases will range from $1,750 up to $2,250 + GST
  • Serious offences or matters with multiple charges may range up to $2,750 where negotiations may need to be undertaken prior to the plea proceeding, and/or where significant penalties are at risk and additional preparation will be required to prepare a thorough submission

Not Guilty Pleas

  • We structure our Not Guilty pleas to work on a phased fixed-fee structure, split across each of the three phases of the contest process, so you do not have to commit to the entire process before you know whether it will even proceed that far
  • Not guilty pleas start from $2,500 to $3,250 + GST to consult, prepare, research relevant case law and defences, negotiate with prosecution and attend the first mention
  • If proceeding to trial, further fees start from $1,450 + GST to cover additional preparation and attendance at court on the Contest Hearing date
  • Typically we anticipate legal fees for the entire contest process with DDD to cost approximately $4,000-$6,000 – a far cry from the many other lawyers and Barristers we have known to charge upwards of $10,000-$20,000 for the same process.

Payment Plans

  • We offer payment plans for all of our fees, and only an initial deposit is required for us to commence work
  • Most firms will not commence any work until the full amount of the anticipated fees are received into Trust, however we understand this is often a significant barrier to many individuals to get the best legal representation they deserve
  • Amounts and frequency of payments can be tailored specifically to your own circumstances – we are here to help you with your problem, not create another