Keep your licence for work in Sydney?

If you need to keep your licence for work in Sydney? What are my legal options?

In order to achieve a reduced sentance tangible evidence is needed including an employment contract, job description, a letter from your employer that unequivocally

states that the person charged requires a NSW driver licence to fulfill their operational duties.

Sydney legal professionals have identified that in NSW courts this will only be taken into

consideration at the Sydney magistrates discretion on a case by case basis.

Most states and territories do not have provision for work licences or restricted licences. Howerver there are exceptions in the ACT, QLD and WA. For example in WA if there is 0.08 BAC level, an immediate suspension of your licence occurs.

This can have a huge impact on owner drivers, small business owners who need a vehicle and bus or taxi drivers in Sydney, NSW.

If you are a Professional Driver in Sydney and nee, NSW you must must be registered with the NSW RTA.

Extraordinary drivers licence (‘EDL’) applications can be made after 21 days in most cases but persons need to contact Drink Driving Defence Sydney on 1300 KEEP LICENCE immediatly as they are becoming harder to get due the amendments to the Road Traffic Act 1974 (WA).

To learn more about retaing your licence or reducung your sentence search ‘sydney drink driving defence’ or email us on

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