Can DUI lawyers Sydney save your money?

Most common issues by people charged with DUI are first-time offenders. It’s likely that to avoid any expenses, they will just plead guilty. No drink driving lawyer Sydney will let you do that if you have one defending and guide you through the process. But the next concern is money. Are you really saving more money by having a lawyer defend you?

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Before everything else, let’s find out the fines for first time offender and to repeated offenders. Every state differs when it comes to fines but you can expect that A DUI conviction fine will be from $300 and up to $2,000, that’s for first-time offenders. For some who have more than one DUI charge, then expect around $10,000 and more.


Having a drink driving lawyer Sydney will let you less your expenses by $2,000. But you need to know that those fines mentioned about are just the beginning. It will still increase especially when you are appearing to court and it will also depend on how serious your DUI charge is. Let’s say, it’s safer and better to have a lawyer defending you.  They can also help you reduce the fine.


Consider your work

Never trust

a lawyer that will tell you they can reduce or avoid jail time if you are ever convicted. That is never a definite thing in courts. However, skilled DUI lawyers Sydney can help reduce jail time by pleading guilty. So, if you are convicted, you will have to go to jail and not be able to work. That’s quite a hard thing to explain to your boss. Some companies do like employing anyone who is convicted of a crime even if it’s DUI. To simply put it, you might not have a work for quite a long time.


So, will you still plead guilty? Of course not, but how to avoid it? A lawyer. Always have contacts with DUI lawyers Sydney so they can defend you and get you out of the charge before you are convicted. To answer the question, yes they can save you money and more.