What Types of Offences Do We Handle?

It is no secret that the act of drink driving can be dangerous and have disastrous consequences, for everyone involved. Don’t let your mistake ruin your life and your future! A Drink Driving Defence Sydney reckless driving lawyer is here to help you learn from this, and move forward in the best possible way you can. By getting you the best legal representation available, we will do everything in our power to get your life and your license back on track.

It is important to remember that drink driving legislation varies between States and Territories. This means that the drink driving penalties and laws may differ outside NSW. Sydney Drink Driving Defence reckless driving lawyer team specialise in defending DUI’s in NSW.

Drink Driving Defence Sydney are experts in dealing with all traffic and criminal law charges and regularly appear at all local Magistrate’s courts around New South Wales, representing clients on driving offences such as:

Drink Driving Offences

  • Presence of Prescribed Content of Alcohol (PCA Offence)
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Alcohol Interlocks
  • Refusing Breath Test
  • Refusing Breath Analysis
  • License Suspension
  • Licence Cancellation

Other Driving Offences

  • Drug Driving
  • Driving Whilst Suspended / Disqualified
  • Driving Whilst Unlicensed
  • Careless Driving
  • Hoon Offences
  • Excessive Speed
  • Vehicle Impoundment & Forfeiture
  • Section 221B Applications for Habitual Offenders

Serious Driving Offences

  • Negligent Driving
  • Negligent Driving Causing Grievous Bodily Harm or Death
  • Furious, Reckless or Driving in a Manner Dangerous
  • Dangerous Driving Causing Grievous Bodily Harm or Death
  • Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident
  • And all other police or Commonwealth law offences!

In order to receive the minimum penalty, it is imperative that you are completely honest with the drink driving experts handling your case. The Drink Driving Defence Sydney team have handled countless cases resulting in a minimum sentence, with proven methods and approaches.

If you’ve been charged with any of the above offences, it is extremely important you get professional legal representation from a reckless driving lawyer. If convicted, you will likely have a criminal record and this can affect your future and your life. Drink Driving Defence Sydney can help you avoid the worst.

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