Our People


Zoe Davis – Solicitor & Director, Drink Driving Defence Australia

Zoe is the Director of Drink Driving Defence and an expert traffic lawyer in Melbourne and NSW, having practised almost solely in this arena since her graduation as a solicitor nearly 10 years ago. After she was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of NSW in 2012, Zoe also went on to achieve a Master’s of Arts in Psychology at the prestigious Harvard University in the United States, finishing with an admirable 3.97 GPA out of 4. In addition to completing a prestigious legal internship in Hong Kong, Zoe also worked as a lawyer for one of Australia’s top tier law firms, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, before shifting her focus to the Melbourne traffic law industry five years ago, where she has rapidly become an expert in the field.

By choosing to specialise in the very specific niche of traffic law, Zoe is able to channel all of her attention on the constantly changing and developing area of traffic law, which is not only highly complex but relevant and applicable to almost every single individual. Zoe is a defender at heart, and she puts the same amount of drive and determination into every single case that she is presented with, acknowledging that the outcome could change a person’s life. She recognises that people often forget how much a traffic offence can impact their life and working as a defence lawyer allows her to give deserving individuals a second chance after a simple mistake.

Although the legal profession has a less than desirable reputation, Zoe believes that passion and empathy is what sets her and her company apart from other lawyers and takes the successes of her clients very personally.

Zoe has very rapidly become a significant player in the Melbourne traffic law industry and has made significant connections with police prosecutors and respected senior barristers, often conferencing personally with one of the best in the industry. In a very short time, Zoe has commanded respect from her peers in court and become known for her novel and creative defence work and highly developed arguments. Her successes proceed her, with a confidence and court presence that is very rare for a young woman of her age.

Outside of work, Zoe was a professional horse rider and speaks fluent French. Having grown up all over the world, Zoe is able to bring experience and relatability to each and every client, in many different ways.

Ahmed Dib – Managing Partner, Dib & Associates

Ahmed is the Managing Partner of our trusted partner firm, Dib & Associates, based out their Sydney office. He completed a Bachelor of Laws at Bond University on the Gold Coast and is admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. He is our expert on all traffic matters in NSW and a wealth of knowledge about complex and novel defences in difficult driving cases.

Ahmed’s tenacity and result-driven work ethic sees him in Court on a daily basis, representing clients in New South Wales. Melbourne and Queensland, in the Local, District, Supreme and Federal Courts of Australia.

Ahmed operates predominantly in criminal and traffic law and regularly appears on matters such as drink or drug driving and all associated traffic matters, as well as more serious charges such as drug trafficking, murder and manslaughter. Ahmed has had involvement in complex matters such as terror-related offences, which sees clients subject to a very diverse set of rules. He has successfully appeared in cases where terror charges have been withdrawn, allowing his clients to remain in Australia.

Ahmed also appears in the Criminal Court of Appeal, the highest criminal Court in Australia, on a regular basis, and is featured almost weekly in the media for his extensive successes as a defence lawyer.

With each case he brings a wealth of insight into the Court and Judicial process. Ahmed maintains positive relationships with Police, the Crown and Police Prosecutors, and is recognised for his ability to negotiate favourable outcomes for his clients before the matter reaches a Judge or Jury.

Outside of work, Ahmed is a professional boxer who is undefeated in 20 bouts, which makes him a fighter in and out of the Courtroom. He is also fluent in Arabic, providing his clientele with tailored legal services.

Danielle Heable – Senior Associate, Dib & Associates

Danielle is a Senior Associate with our trusted partners Dib & Associates. Danielle graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Criminology and Bachelor of Laws with honours. Danielle practices exclusively in criminal and traffic law, including appeals and confiscations matters.

Danielle has involvement in minor and serious matters, ranging from traffic offences and applications for Work Licences and Special Hardship Orders, to drug charges including possession, supply, trafficking and production, murder and attempted murder, armed robberies, frauds and sexual offences. She deals with matters in every jurisdiction, and continues to have involvement in some of the most high-profile and complex criminal matters in New South Wales and Queensland.

Danielle appears in Court throughout New South Wales and Queensland on a daily basis, which has allowed her to attain extensive experience and maintain her ongoing relationships within various Courts. She also regularly appears at the Crime and Corruption Commission, which is beneficial for clients who are summoned and are unaware of the vastly different procedures of the Commission.