In recent times the Courts and traffic laws in New South Wales have bowed to public demand to take a more serious and tougher approach when dealing with drink driving matters. Understandably the higher your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), then the higher your your monetary fine and the longer your period of disqualification will be.

New South Wales Magistrates have a large range of penalties and sentences at their disposal when dealing with a drink driving related offence.

For many drink driving offences the Magistrate will issue a defendant with non-custodial types of penalties, these are penalties which do not attract a term of imprisonment. If this occurs, contact drink driving solicitors at Drink Driving Defence for legal representation and advice. Such non-custodial penalties can include the following:

Division 3 – Non-custodial alternatives

8. Community service orders.

9. Good behaviour bonds.

10. Dismissal of charges and conditional discharge of offender.

10A. Conviction with no other penalty.

11. Deferral of sentencing for rehabilitation, participation in an intervention program or other purposes.

12. Suspended sentences.

13. Community service orders and good behaviour bonds to be alternative penalties only.

Drink driving solicitors from Drink Driving Defence will advise you on whether or not there are any merits in defending your charge, whether your reading was accurate and whether the police observed time limits and other procedural requirements. If you have been charged with a DUI or PCA offence then generally penalties of disqualification and monetary fine will apply, however if you have previous convictions of a similar nature then you could be classed as a Habitual Offender and maybe subject to a term of imprisonment.