Representing Yourself Drink Driving

Drink Driving Defence Sydney Lawyers are here to help you reduce your sentence and get you back on the road as soon as possible, but if you want to represent yourself drink driving here are 10 great tips to help you get the best result.

1. Always tell the truth. Magistrates are very experienced and will usually see through any made up excuses. You have a better chance of a positive result by saying less than making up a story and being caught out lying.

2. Be prepared. Its normal to get nervous when representing yourself drink driving. This may cause you to forget to mention something important. If you have a list of things that you want to convey to the court this will help you when things become stressful.

3. What not to say can be as important as what you do say. It is hard to define what not to say, but you should try not exaggerate your story regarding why you were drink driving or talk about penalties that others may have received for similar offences.

4. Explain to the judge your ability to pay a fine including:
• Your occupation
• How much you earn each week
• Your financial commitments
• Any dependents

5. When representing yourself drink driving tell the court how a potential criminal conviction for drink driving in Sydney may affect you in the future. If this is a first offence then you may want to tell the court about the following: need for a clear criminal record for work, if you are subject to criminal record checks eg security guard, that you are seeking the benefit of a s.10 (dismissal or bond). Whether a criminal record will affect your ability to work now or in the future.

You will need to provide some tangible (as detailed below) evidence of this if you want the Magistrate to take this seriously. Whether a criminal record would affect your travel plans. If these travel plans have been booked you should provide the court with copies of the booking documents.

6. Tell the court about your need for a drivers NSW licence. If you are going to lose your job if you lose your licence you should have a letter from your employer saying this clearly. If you drive a lot of kilometers each year you should prove this by either a log book or the car service records.

7. When representing yourself drink driving, tell the court about your law abiding character. If you have done charity work in Sydney in the past or you have major achievements in your life, provide the court with some proof of these.

8. Provide well written character references. These references should illustrate your law abiding character in Sydney. The person writing the reference should give examples of your character.

9. Do not speak while the Sydney Magistrate is sentencing you, unless you are asked a specific question in a NSW court, This is likely to be seen by the Magistrate as disrespectful.

10. If you do not like the NSW courts penalty the Magistrate hands

down you should not argue with them. In all drink driving matters dealt with in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia you have a right to appeal the sentence of a magistrate to the District Court. When representing yourself drink driving you have 28 days to appeal and up to 3 months with the leave of the District Court. Beware– very few drinking driving convictions are successful on appeal according to Sydney

Lawyers Association.

representing yourself drink driving
representing yourself drink driving

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