Sydney Drink Driving

A strong Sydney drink driving defence is absolutely vital if you are involved in a Sydney drink driving offence case.

Drink driving is sometimes thought of as a minor crime – not even a crime, more an inconvenience, a matter of small importance. Nothing could be further from the truth. In all likelihood even a first drink driving offence is most likely going to result in a criminal conviction, as well as a fine and a disqualification period on one’s driving licence. If your offence is of medium or high seriousness or it is not your first offence then a sentence of imprisonment is entirely possible depending on the particular circumstances of the offence.

That said it is erroneous to think that a Sydney drink driving charge can never be defended successfully. That’s where having a qualified lawyer with experience in drink driving defence cases is a sensible choice. The majority of Sydney drink driving charges do result in a guilty plea but there are numerous circumstances in which it may be possible to defend against a charge successfully and it is best to have professionalism on your side in such difficult circumstances.

Sydney Drink Driving

The 2-Hour Breath Test Rule

Any breath test if it was taken over 2 hours since you last drove a car quite possibly will not be used for evidence to prove that you were intoxicated. So even if the Police take a breathalyser test from you then as long as that test was more than two hours after you drove there is a possibility that the evidence would be inadmissible in court. In most instances, police stay well inside the two hour barrier when taking breath tests, but there are occasions when this rule is breached especially when police attend an accident scene.

Some Major Drink Driving Statistics

This frightening and even sobering list of major drink driving statistics should be a chastening read for anyone thinking of picking up a drink before they drive.

  • 4 MILLION – the number of random breath tests conducted by NSW police
  • 90% – percentage of drink driving accidents that occur in rural areas
  • 90% – percentage of male drink drivers involved in fatal accidents
  • 33% – percentage of 17 – 24 year old drink drivers involved in fatal accidents
  • 30% – percentage of drink driving fatalities occurring between 9pm – 3am, Thurs, Fri & Sat nights
  • 27% – percentage of fatal crashes in rural areas involving drink drivers
  • 25% – percentage of drink drivers in fatal crashes aged between 30 – 39
  • 18-20% – percentage of fatal accidents in NSW involving drink driving

Sydney Drink Driving

The best advice for all drivers… don’t drink and drive.

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