Sydney Drink Driving

A strong Sydney drink driving defence is absolutely vital if you are involved in a Sydney drink driving offence case. Drink driving is sometimes thought of as a minor crime – not even a crime, more an inconvenience, a matter of small importance. Nothing could be further from the truth. In all likelihood even a READ MORE

Drink driving lawyers Sydney: Bad Parent Cases

Drink driving lawyers Sydney Whatever action adults or parents do in front of their children is something they can adapt too. Children learn from their parents, whether its behaviour, personality and even actions that are not so good. So it’s important for parents to “behave” properly. However, Drink driving lawyers Sydney have been witnessed to READ MORE

Can DUI lawyers Sydney save your money?

Most common issues by people charged with DUI are first-time offenders. It’s likely that to avoid any expenses, they will just plead guilty. No drink driving lawyer Sydney will let you do that if you have one defending and guide you through the process. But the next concern is money. Are you really saving more READ MORE

Protect yourself: Contact a Skilled Dui lawyer Sydney

DUI is not a simple charge like most people think. It’s a serious conviction that can result in you losing a lot of opportunities, a lot of money and more. Make sure that you are ready to defend yourself at any given moment with drink driving lawyers Sydney. It’s vital that you hire a DUI READ MORE

NSW Drink Driving Penalties

Drink Driving Penalties NSW Being pulled over for a drink driving or DUI offence can be a very traumatic experience—and, one that can become worse if you’re not aware of the laws pertaining to driving under influence. Not to mention, for a lot of people, it is often their first brush with the criminal justice READ MORE

Things You Should Know About Breathalysers

Things You Should Know About Breathalysers With the holiday season round the corner here in Australia, most people are already planning their celebrations. However, these are also the times that witness a spike in drink driving charges, accidents and road fatalities. Owing to the strict drink driving laws in Australia, things could easily take an READ MORE

Drink Driving Statistics NSW

Drink driving Statistics NSW 2012 there were 369 deaths recorded. Drink driving Statistics NSW 2013 there were 339 Deaths recorded. One in five of these deaths involved drink driving. So despite the police clamp down, the government advertising and the growing sense of drink driving being socially unacceptable, around 70 people are killed every year READ MORE


Representing Yourself Drink Driving Drink Driving Defence Sydney Lawyers are here to help you reduce your sentence and get you back on the road as soon as possible, but if you want to represent yourself drink driving here are 10 great tips to help you get the best result. 1. Always tell the truth. Magistrates READ MORE