Sydney Drink Driving Lawyer

Meeting with a Sydney Drink Driving Lawyer is the first step in overcoming any driving offence. For many people their first experience of the criminal justice system is being charged with a drink driving or DUI offence. There is no doubt about it, this can be a very traumatic experience not least because most people READ MORE

Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney tally which is more dangerous DUI or Text Driving

Car accidents are quite common nowadays. It can be because of drink driving or with texting. And with smartphones becoming part of our lives, we have to face the real question. Which one is more dangerous, drinking driving or texting while driving? Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney will honestly tell you that both should never be READ MORE

Can DUI lawyers Sydney save your money?

Most common issues by people charged with DUI are first-time offenders. It’s likely that to avoid any expenses, they will just plead guilty. No drink driving lawyer Sydney will let you do that if you have one defending and guide you through the process. But the next concern is money. Are you really saving more READ MORE

Why Drink Driving Solicitors to Assist you with DUI

If you’ve been charged with drink driving under DUI or “drinking under the influence” then asking help will have crossed your mind. However, should you just plead guilty or ask help from a lawyer or drink driving solicitors ? What is the best decision?   First, thing you need to know that DUI punishments are READ MORE

Drink Driving- A Matter of Concern

Driving after drinking is the most offence; unfortunately, has become very common these days. Whenever a person is caught accused of such offence, penalties are served depending on the ruthlessness of the offence. If repeated offender, a person can even be convicted harsh penalties including monetary fines, disqualification from driving for life and in the READ MORE

NSW Drink Driving Penalties

Drink Driving Penalties NSW Being pulled over for a drink driving or DUI offence can be a very traumatic experience—and, one that can become worse if you’re not aware of the laws pertaining to driving under influence. Not to mention, for a lot of people, it is often their first brush with the criminal justice READ MORE

Things You Should Know About Breathalysers

Things You Should Know About Breathalysers With the holiday season round the corner here in Australia, most people are already planning their celebrations. However, these are also the times that witness a spike in drink driving charges, accidents and road fatalities. Owing to the strict drink driving laws in Australia, things could easily take an READ MORE

DUI Lawyer Sydney – Top 3 Reasons Why You Need One

DUI Lawyer Sydney Drink driving is a serious crime in Australia and there are strict laws against it. However, these laws often vary greatly from state to state. What’s more, a DUI charge not only involves heavy fines, licence removal and possible incarceration but is also going to require that you jump through some legal READ MORE

DUI Laws in New South Wales – 5 Essential Things to Know About

DUI Laws in New South Wales – 5 Essential Things to Know About Did you know—1 in every 5 fatal road crashes in NSW happens due to drink driving? Drink driving charges are determined by the levels of blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and whether that crosses the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) for each offence. READ MORE