Major Drink Driving Statistics by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney

Statistics by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney The hard facts about drinking and driving in Australia are revealed by Statistics by Drink Driving Solicitor Sydney with a close look into drink driving statistics. Looking at some of the facts around gender, age, time of incidents etc makes it quite apparent how serious and predictable many elements READ MORE

Can DUI lawyers Sydney save your money?

Most common issues by people charged with DUI are first-time offenders. It’s likely that to avoid any expenses, they will just plead guilty. No drink driving lawyer Sydney will let you do that if you have one defending and guide you through the process. But the next concern is money. Are you really saving more READ MORE

Keep your licence for work in Sydney?

If you need to keep your licence for work in Sydney? What are my legal options? In order to achieve a reduced sentance tangible evidence is needed including an employment contract, job description, a letter from your employer that unequivocally states that the person charged requires a NSW driver licence to fulfill their operational duties. READ MORE